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We feel that PTI are an ideal service provider of Data Monetization solutions to Connacht Rugby. They have a team of consultants who have been there, done it, in sporting contexts so they were quickly able to speak our language and adapt to our constraints whilst delivering value. Understanding our customer data is crucial to our strategy to engage the local community and create deeper more valuable relationships.

Brian Mahoney - Head of Commercial and MarketingConnacht Rugby

PTI has vast experience of helping many top tier football clubs to deliver growth and efficiencies and as we look to the future, we must invest in the technology that will support us on this journey to ensure that our fans, and visiting fans, have the very best matchday experience possible.

Ben Kensell - Chief Operating OfficerNorwich City FC

PTI combines an unparalleled understanding of technology and the understanding that technology is in itself not an end but a means to enable a commercial vision. They are an excellent interface between project members who may not be particularly tech-literate and those who actually need to bring it to life. They make things easy to understand and don’t create unnecessary mystery or complexity: totally user friendly!

Ben Wells - Chief Commercial OfficerBath Rugby

PTI helped us with a review of key club systems and did an excellent job quickly understanding our issues and needs, coming up with a plan of action to improve, and then executing. They understand the needs of a football club and can bridge the gap between commercial and technical needs.

Nity Raj - DirectorBrentford FC